The department of Philosophy, Yoga and Cultural Tourism was started in Tagore Government Arts and Science College in the year 1988 as the DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY AND INDIAN CULTURE to fulfill the following objectives

a) To promote Philosophy among graduate students

b) To intergrate Philosophy and cultural study with a special focus of Indian Culture

The syllabus of the department was revised on 27th April 1992.

The department was reformulated as DEPARTMETN OF PHILOSOPHY, YOGA AND CULTURAL TOURISM in the year 1996. The scope of the department was broadened to meet the present requirments.

Following papers on yoga and culture tourism were added.

Paper XI- Yoga theory
Paper XIV- Yoga practice
Paper XVII �Culture Tourism

To give a practical knowledge of cultural heritage of India in addition to the theoretical paper on Culture Toruism, syllabus related study tours were introduced since 1996. This consists of taking the students to visit the sites of cultural importance and writing a detailed project report on it.

Again, the syllabus of the department was revised and upadated on February 2003 with the approval of Board of Studies constituted by The Pondicherry University.


In order to help the poor students in continuing their studies syllabi related part-time placement have been arranged. This arrangement has been made with the help of some tourism and travel agencies in Pondicherry .

At present two students of the department are making use of this arrangement.


The department has collection of 315 books in the department library. It covers almost all the papers in the B.A syllabus. Apart from that it has some fine collections on other areas of philosophy, culture and Indian Temples. It is readily available to the faculty and the students of their academic use.


As a part of extra-curricular activities of the department, PHILOSOPHY ASSOCIATION was started in the year 1990. the objective was to enrich the philosophy students academically and providing them with opportunities to meet and discuss with experts. And they have yoga classes which they make menatlly and physically fit, some of them are shown below


Philosophy Faculty
Mr.N.Barthasarathi,M.A.,M.Phil.,B.Ed. ,             HOD



Dr.M.Balaji M.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,PGD YOGA.

First Semester
Paper-I - Introduction to philosophy

Paper-II -Cultural Heritage of India-I

Allied-I - Philosophy of Social Institutions

Second Semester
Paper-III - Cultural Heritage of India-II

Paper-IV - Indian Temples

Allied-II - Philosophy of Social Change

Third Semester
paper V - Indian Philosophy-I

Paper-VI Western Philosophy-I

Allied-III Philosophy of Economic Systems

Fourth Semester
Paper-VII - Indian Philosophy-II

Paper-VIII - Western Philosophy-II

Allied-IV Philosophy of Indian Constitution

Fifth Semester
Paper-IX - Contemporary Indian Philosophy

Paper-X - Political Philosophy-I

Paper-XI - Yoga Theory

Paper-XII - Western Logic-I

Paper-XIII -Ethical Theory

Sixth Semester
Paper-XIV - Contemporary Western Philosophy

Paper-XV - Political Philosophy-II

Paper-XVI - Yoga Sutra of Patanjali:Textual Study

Paper-XVII - Western Logic-II

Paper-XVIII - Applied Ethics