The Department of Chemistry was incepted in 1961-62 when the college was founded, offering chemistry in the Pre-University course, and from the next year on, as an ancillary subject as well in the degree level. The department was upgraded in 1971-72 to offer Chemistry Main in the B.Sc. level. A further expansion took place in 1981-82 with the inception of the Post-Graduate course in M.Sc. The students of the first three M.Sc. batches of the college, Aswatha Raman (1981-83), V.Lalitha (1982-84) and Annapoorani(1983-85) achieved the enviable feat of securing the University Gold Medals when the college remained affiliated to the University of Madras, competing with the students of well-established institutions of TamilNadu. In 1989-90, the M.Sc. course was transferred to the newly-constituted centre for post-graduate studies in the same campus in lawspet. The department now offers the three-year B.Sc. chemistry under the semester pattern (without internal assessment component), with an annual intake of 32 students in the Main course, besides Chemistry as an allied subject for the B.Sc. Mathematics, Physics, Botany and Zoology of the college.


Since September 1997, the department has been functioning in the ground-floor of a new Science block with 1,154 sq.m of floor area, incorporating three well-equipped laboratories and three lecture hall, besides staff-rooms, store rooms and a computer room.

Threre is a small collections of books in the department for quick reference, but the College library has a sizeable collection of over 4,000 titles in the subject to cater to the needs of the students and the staff. Apparatus, Chemicals and equipment were procuted for the Departments to the tune of Rs. 100 000 in 2002-03 and in the current year, orde3rs have so far been placed for these items worth about Rs. 30,000/-. The Departmental records are currently being computerized.

The infrastucture facilites in the Department are sufficient, except for the occasional failure of scientific companies to supply in time a few items of chemicals or equipment; such insufficiencies are tided over by loans from the Post-graduate Centre which also faces similar problems, the assistance being mutual.

Many of the costly equipment and rarer chemicals acquired by the College, such as the UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, Power generator, etc., have been transferred to the P. G. Centre when it was set up.

Chemistry Faculty
Dr.R.Veeraragahavan,M.Sc.,Ph.D.                     HOD

Dr.Asok Kumar Jana M.Sc.,Ph.D.,NET/JRF,GATE&CSIR.

Dr.P.Azantha Parimala,M.Sc.,M.Phil.,M.Ed.Ph.D.


Dr.Ajay Kumar Gupta,M.Sc.,Ph.D.,CSIR-NET,DRDO-PDF

Dr.Togapur Pavan Kumar,M.Sc.,Ph.D.,PGDPL,CSIR-NET,PDF(USA)

Dr.Mustafa Shaik,M.Sc.,Ph.D.,PDF(South Korea),CSIR-NET,JRF,SRF.

Mr.Syed Khasim Sharif,M.Sc.,NET-JRF,(Ph.D)

First Semester
Language Paper-I

English Paper-I

General Chemistry-I

Public Administaration

Allied-I Mathematics-I / Zoology-I

Main Pratical- I General Chemistry Practical-I

Allied Practical I Zoology-I/Marthematical Lab

Second Semester
Language Paper-II

English Paper-II

General Chemistry-II

Environmental Studies

Allied-II Mathematics-II / Zoology-II

Main Pratical- II General Chemistry Practical-II

Allied Practical II Zoology-II/Marthematical Lab-II

SECOND YEAR(Old Pattern-non CBCS)
Third Semester

Language Paper-III

English Paper-III

Paper-V Organic Chemistry-II

Paper-VI Analytical Chemistry-I

Main Pratical-III Volumetric Analysis

Allied-III Physics-I

Allied Practical-I Physics-I

Fourth Semester

Language Paper-IV

English Paper-IV

Paper-VII Physical Chemistry-II

Paper-VII Analytical Chemistry-II

Allied-IV Physics-II

Main Practical-IV Applied Analysis

Allied Practical-II Physics-II

THIRD YEAR(Old Pattern-non CBCS)
Fifth Semester
Paper-IX Inorganic Chemistry-III

Paper-X Organic Chemistry-III

Paper-XI Physical Chemistry-III

Paper-XII (Elective) Environmental Chemistry-I

Main Practical-V Gravimetric Analysis

Main Practical-Vi Organic Analysis

Sixth Semester
Paper-XIV Plant Physiology

Paper-XV Plant Biochemistry and Biophysics

Paper-XVI Molecular Biology

Paper-XVII Plant Biotechnology

Main Practical-VI